Over the years, I have found that my chosen career as a teacher is no longer the profession I entered some 20 years ago. I worked long hours, often feeling as though I was carrying my stresses into my spare time, and needed to find a little inner peace and happiness for myself.

Having been interested in all things spiritual, I trained as a Reiki practitioner and also learned Indian head massage. Both of these treatments, and the calm and positivity they bring to others, went a long way to helping me find my own inner-peace. I started The Kalming Purple Patch as a little sanctuary to help people restore balance in their lives, whilst restoring some back into my own life. I am now able to concentrate my efforts on not only Reiki and Indian head massage, but a range of other holistic therapies and treatments.  I have also found a way to combine my two passions - teaching and Reiki - and can now offer Reiki workshops to teach people how to help themselves and others.

As I continue to train, I will be able to offer more and more treatments to suit all people. So why not drop me a line and see how I can help you find a little more calm, positivity and balance in your life.