Life can become stressful. With the pressures of today’s society everywhere you look, children and adults are finding it more and more difficult to cope. Stress, anxiety and depression can affect anyone at any age and without much warning, these feelings are usually created through overthinking. Learning the practice of meditation and/or mindfulness can help reduce these feelings by focusing on the here and now; not the past, which cannot be changed, or the future, which may not happen as we think it will.

When we become stressed or anxious, our brain releases cortisol – this can create all kinds of health problems including a weakened immune system, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease, nervous problems, high blood sugars and digestive issues. Meditation and mindfulness help the body to reduce the amount of cortisol it produces and can help prevent the associated health issues. Most physical health problems start as mental and emotional issues that are not dealt with.

Meditation is called a practice because that is what it takes, practise. It can take a while to learn to settle the mind and banish everyday thoughts that creep in. There are a variety of meditation techniques meaning that everybody can find the technique that suits them.