To all my Kalming Purplettes,

Who stole April??????
KPP is back in full flow! Meditation Monday is still online but all other treatments can continue!  I feel more confident having had the first of my 2 vaccination, the second is the end of this month.  PPE is still required, although I think this is good practice to prevent many germs spreading.
It has been lovely to get back into helping you all relax and improve your wellbeing and I continue to look forward to seeing actual people, familiar and new!

I have spent a little time learning how to do more things to my website (technophobe number 1 right here!).  As yet I haven’t broken it or pressed the button that deletes the whole thing – I see that at progress.  New treatments have been added to help those beach bodies get ready – hair removal through waxing.  Book in now ready for another treatment in 6 weeks or so when July creeps up on us.
I am also looking into the teaching side of holistic therapies and treatments to expand the services I offer.  Keep your eyes open for these courses hitting the website soon!

Thank you for your loyalty and patience!  As a small business, this means the world to me!

Epilation through Waxing
Hair growth is classed in 4 stages; anagen phase, catagen phase, telogen stage and new anagen phase.  These stages (phases) last different lengths of time.
Hair should be between 1/4 and 1/2 inch long for waxing. The wax is warmed and then spread over the hairs, allowed to cool again and then removed from the skin, taking hairs and dead skin cells with it.  As the hair is removed from below the skin, it takes longer to grow back.

Your hairs will all be at different lengths (phases) when epilation happens, so it may seem that some hairs grow back quicker than others.  This is not the case, it may be that they were not above the skin when waxing happened.  After several sessions the hair follicle has a looser grip on the hair and it is removed with greater ease.  After several rounds of waxing, the skin becomes less sensitive.

Please feel free to message me for more information.

Crystals for Asthma

Amber – This beautiful healing stone reduces negative energy and transforms it into positive energy. This energy crystal works with your lungs and helps to tackle the breathing problems.
Amber works with the throat chakra and helps to relax it in every sense. Since amber is a natural antibiotic, you can use it as an elixir.
Amethyst – This gemstone is called the master healer for a reason. Amethyst helps to transmute the negative thoughts in your body and converts them into positive ones which help to balance you mentally.
By boosting the immune system, amethyst helps with respiratory issues and it cleanses the air and allows for a positive energy space.
Malachite – Malachite is a toxic stone in its raw form. However, this energy stone does have an amazing ability to heal. This is a protection stone for children and helps to ease the tension and stress.
Malachite is beneficial to tackle the fear & anxiety which generates during an asthma attack.
Moss Agate – This is the first stone which comes to mind whenever you suffer from a breathing problem. Moss agate is a great stone for the lungs and specially for breathing disorders.
This healing stone can facilitate an understanding of the spiritual causes behind a physical manifestation of illness and ground spiritual energies into the physical world.
Pyrite – This is a gemstone which not only brings stability but also grounds your haywire thoughts. This stone has the ability to boost the oxygen in your bloodstream.
Pyrite crystal helps support the immune system and is said to beneficial for bronchitis as well.
(Information from Crystal Agate Bracelets)

If you are interested in jewellery to help with asthma, or a collection of crystals, please contact me at for more information

Pregnancy Massage

Now that everywhere is opening up and the world is getting back to some form of ‘normality’, why not treat your pregnant friend (or self) to a relaxing massage.  Pregnancy massages are lighter than normal massages and focus on relaxing the mum-to-be, benefiting mum and baby!
This is also a time that mum can bond with baby; a calm mum = a calm baby.  This massage can be carried out after birth too with skin to skin contact between mum and baby.  A beautiful connection!
Please note that pregnancy massages can be carried out from the 2nd trimester and it is best to get the all clear from the Midwife or your GP, especially if you have had previous complications with pregnancies.

Up coming events

Meditation online £2 per person per session – Monday 7pm

Reiki First Degree or Second Degree Training – Please message me for more information
Reiki Master Level will be appearing VERY shortly!