Me and my friends attended a pamper party at The Kalming Purple Patch and it was absolutely lovely. The setting is tranquil, looking over fields. The treatments on offer catered for every need, we all came away feeling completely relaxed.

Kerry Robinson 

My daughter had trouble switching off at night worried about school stuff etc. So I thought it would be a good idea to get some help so asked my friend Kerry-Ann to try Reiki on her and balance her too. She had a few sessions and it has really helped her to relax more and obviously get more sleep. It has helped my 13 year old to learn to relax, thanks. These Reiki treatments also helped with the headaches she was getting.

E.W. 12/10/20

I had a distance healing session with Kerry-Ann yesterday evening. All I can say is that it was an extremely pleasant experience. I haven’t felt so relaxed in a long while. The spreading of warmth across my body definitely helped. Thank you so much!

Claudia Buffarello‎

Saw Kerry at the Mind Body and soul event @ Snettisham on Saturday, had a very relaxing session of hopi ear candling, I can hear loads better (but haven’t let on to the kids or OH 😂)

Thank you yet again for another amazing treatment 🙏❤️❤️

Sheryl Twell‎ 

Very friendly relaxing atmosphere, loved my hypnosis. will definitely be going back x

Sharon Calvert 

Wow so relaxed after being at the Kalming purple patch today. Never felt so relaxed in my life as I did today. Thank you so much.

Beverley Savage‎

We took our 7 year old son for his first experience of Reiki at the weekend. To give you a short description of him, he’s a non stop bundle of energy that needs constant sensory stimulation. I expected him to be in awe of the lights,smells, crystals and music but could not believe he laid there and listened to Kerry-Ann.
He left there calm and slept well last night. When getting wound up this morning he held his crystals tight and practised the breathing exercise that Kerry-Ann had taught him. We’ll definitely be back for more and I’m going to see if he’ll join me with meditation at home.

C.G. 12/10/20

Today I experienced my first ever Reiki session, being a busy working mum and trying to juggle child care and life, along with a few health issues I thought it was definitely worth a go, along with curiosity. I didn’t know what to expect and went in with a completely open mind. Let’s just say I’m already booked in for my next session. I can not explain in words what I felt, experienced, all I can say is I feel better for going and I would definitely 100% recommend it to anyone, and I for one am glad I went. Kerry-Ann I know you say anyone can learn Reiki but I feel you have a gift, thank you for a really enjoyable experience 😊

Michelle Whitby‎